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Luxury Lighting

Prandina luxury lighting is fueled by their creative philosophy of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and lasting quality, that have enabled the brand to gain a recognized position in the international market.

Oriented toward effective and recognizable lamps, Prandina believes in productive teamwork in synergy with established and emerging designers, both Italian and foreigner, looking for new ideas in lighting, breaking with the current trends and conventions.

Prandina Designers

Uffico Tecnico Prandina , Mario Mengotti Italy, Admiraal Captein, Bakerygroup Canada, Federico Churba, Serge Cornelissen design office, Jannis Ellenberger, Katja Hettler / Jula Tüllmann, Germany, Pasetti / Ferigo, Christian Ploderer Austria, Filippo Protasoni Italy, Luc Ramael Belgium, Sandro Santantonio Design Italia, Studio Thesia Progetti

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