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Luxury Italian Furniture

Giorgetti’s luxury Italian furniture has an ambiance of elegance, sobriety and decisiveness. Giorgetti’s style is unique and versatile. Its contrasts create an unmistakable character with refined and seductive beauty.

The uniqueness of its character is thanks to the passion for detail and high intrinsic quality of design and materials, creating pieces free from formal conventions that can happily coexist across cultural and temporal distances.

From design, until production, the entire production process is entirely made in Italy by highly skilled and qualified professionals.

Giorgetti Designers

Umberto Asnago, Massimo Castagna, Centro Richerche, Carlo Colombo, Alessio de Francesco, Design MVW, Tashiyuki Kita, Leon Krier, Roberto Lazzeroni, Chi Wing Lo, M2 Atelier, Antonello Mosca, Andrei Munteanu, Rosella Pugliatti, Massimo Scolari, Laura Silvestrini

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